Robert Pihl

Short & snappy (If you're in a hurry)
Art director, producer, host, toastmaster, scriptwriter, director, singer, dj, communications planner, media planner, innovator and lecturer.

If you being in a hurry was bullshit, read below
Born and raised in a small town called Gnesta, I grew up with a guitar playing father and a strict mother. Started to work as a sales clerk by the age of 11 but my introduction to the business was as an employee at a web agency 10 years later. I worked within sales and project management but mostly commercializing our web portal, It was instructive and fun learning about customer relations, working on a commission-based salary and with the development of the internet. After 4 years I wanted to learn more about integrated campaigns across several media channels, not just the Internet, so I applied for Berghs School of Communication and was accepted.


At Berghs, I studied Art Direction for 2 years full-time and learned how to communicate through simple, concrete messages in traditional and some more non-traditional channels. I was awarded Best Class Mate 2005 and on graduation day I was the one to receive the special Diploma of Honour, an addition to the traditional Berghs Diploma. It rewards the student who developed the most in creative and strategic thinking and who has shown thoughtfulness towards others. The final award was a Special Mention that I received for managing Berghs final exhibition. We were responsible for conception, marketing, sponsorship and logistics. This was an optional task that I ran parallel with my own exam project.

Immediately after Berghs I got employment as an Art Director at One Motion, a communication agency with clients such as Eurosport, Xbox 360, Discovery Channel, and Microsoft. The agency then focused on Trade- & Event activations, but wanted to offer a broader communication perspective. I enjoyed the work and especially events which gave me instant feedback and helpful consumer insights.

Mats Lindahl, CEO at Delorean and teacher of the class Sound & Radio at Berghs offered me work as a Digital Art Director. Delorean wanted to create integrated extensions through music, mobile phones, campaign sites and viral films etc. This was something unique for a production company and perfect for me as I got the chance to work with scriptwriting. I learned a lot about the strength of commercial radio & music production and a year later I began to work as a freelancer.

After 6 months of working on my own in web production, events, print, strategy and music I was offered to come work as a Creative Media Manager at Initiative Universal Media (IUM). The work within the Concept & Innovation Department included sales, development, customer relations and project management. It was a mixed bag of creativity and strategy and it gave me the opportunity to work more broadly and integrate media, from communication platforms and concepts to extensions of campaigns through Events, AFP, PR, CSR, Guerilla, Social Media and digital solutions in various forms. All wrapped in entertaining content.

After 3 fantastic years at IUM I felt confident enough to start my own agency. So we created Sunny at Sea, a communication agency with focus on innovation, concept, design & development. The thing that makes Sunny at Sea unique, for me, would be that it let’s me work with people who are as enthusiastic as I am. 

In March 2013 me and Mikael Wennerros started Out of Office #OOOAW. We grew from 200 guests to 15.000 in just 1.5 years. So we left our ordinary jobs and recruited Pontus De Geer. Today, we have 8 cities up n running and we're just getting started. 

I’m a vocalist and a professional dj. I have experience in TV-hosting and producing events, films and commercials for 15 years. I give lectures on advertising and creative media to schools and brands. 

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